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Canada’s National Ballet School – Sharing Dance

Developed by Canada’s National Ballet School (NBS) and Baycrest, Sharing Dance Seniors is a safe and accessible dance program that engages older adults in meaningful dance activity that aims to enhance physical, cognitive and overall health and well-being. There are currently two levels of the Baycrest NBS Sharing Dance Seniors program.


Tammy Hand, has been leading our residents in energetic movement for eight years! She has put together a virtual way that we can stay active. Click Here. Included with the video, is an exercise workbook that teaches you the actions to go along with the music. It can be downloaded for offline viewing.

Minds in Motion Exercise Video

Minds in Motion® is a community-based social program that incorporates physical activity and mental stimulation for people with early to mid-stage signs dementia and their care partners. Available through your local Alzheimer’s Society.